Olive Oil


Olive oil is produced from the fruit of the olive tree, yes fruit, and extra virgin olive oil is fresh olive juice; Olive Oil is one of the healthiest and most delicious foods in the world.


Olive oil has been proven by top medical researchers to fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other ailments.  However, beware, recent studies by Consumer Reports, the University of California, and other authorities prove there are many substandard “extra virgins” and are mediocre oils and are no better than liquid fat – only True Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the juice of the fresh olives, has the remarkable health benefits and flavors.  So when purchasing olive oil, focus on FRESH. 


How to Identify Good & Healthy Olive Oil;


                   Acidity level, the closer to zero the better the quality;  look for .5 or less (Ariston’s “Select” and Infused Oils are .5or less)


                   Where was the Olive Oil harvested and produced – not packaged (this does not need to be shown on the label)  Ariston                        Grows Olives & Produces their oil in Gargalianoi Messinia Greece.


                   How much time between harvesting and production?  (this does not need to be shown on the label)  Ariston produces                            Within 24 hours of harvest – 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


                   Know the variety of the olive – just like grapes for making wines, there are several varietals. Ariston’s Oil is extracted from                      the Koroneiki Olive.


                   Harvest date and expiration date?  Expiration date is always on the label.



When purchasing Olive Oil, you should be cautious of the above. . . . you might be purchasing a blend of canola, corn or some other oil with a “hint” of olive oil. (Ariston Olive Oils are Top-Quality)


EVOO is Great for Cooking.  Despite misleading rumors to the contrary, extra virgin olive oil is superb in all cooking applications, even deep-fat frying.  Quality EVOO has a very high smoke point, considerably higher than most other vegetable oils, meaning that it retains its health benefits even at high heats.    Give yourself permission to use Ariston’s  Extra Virgin Olive Oil to cook everywhere you would use vegetable oil, butter or margarine;  it’s vastly tastier and better for you.


Not All Extra Virgin Olive Oils are Bone the Equal.  Many olive oils sold as “extra virgin” in the USA are low-quality, with few or none of the health benefits of fine oil.  You need top-quality olive oil for top-quality health and flavor.  Sadly, most olive oil available today has bad tastes and smells – rancidity, mold, etc- because it is made from rotten olives.  Real extra virgin oil tastes great because it’s made from delicious, fresh olives.


Ancient Olive Trees are Witnesses of Time.  The olive tree is one of the most beautiful and long-lived trees on earth, a sculpture of nature that can live for 2,000+ years.  The olive tree and its branches have a central place in the Mediterranean landscape, and landscapes throughout the world, not to mention their myths, legends, dreams.


Taken from ”Truth in Olive Oil  Key Points from Tom Mueller”





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